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Cemtek Air Permitting (CAP) was founded in 2016 through a collaboration of industry experts.  As a subsidiary of Cemtek Systems, CAP offers our clients a unique opportunity to get their permitting and CEMS services from the same trusted source.


Traditionally permitting and CEMS services have come out of different firms even though both would have to work together along the Title V compliance reporting process. Over the years we noticed that coordinating between firms often caused delays and resulted in higher financial costs for the project, through delays or fixing problems created by other firms. CAP came into play when we realized that we could streamline the process for our clients, creating a unique product, one trusted source for air compliance needs.


Inevitably in business when you cut out unnecessary layers from a project, you will save time and money.


Though not all Title V facilities require CEMS, our expertise in the industry and knowledge of applicable regulations, makes CAP ready to provide your facility with succinct compliance solutions.


Regulations provide the instruction manual for your project. Unfortunately, at first glance these "instructions" may seem like they are written in another laguage. With project experience comes a level of familiarity with regulation and regulators. In our experience, the vast majority of folks working for the regulatory agencies are incredibly bright and eager to help ensure proper project applications. The relationships that we have forged over time with the Agencies can be invaluable to making sure that your project proceeds as scheduled.


Areas of Expertise:


Title V permit compliance

Crafting permit-specific recordkeeping databases

Compliance reporting

Air Permit Application and Modification

Regulatory compliance

-Federal, State, and Local Regulations

Maximizing environmental compliance strategies


This field demands continuous learning to stay abreast of the challenges and requirements involved in managing environmental compliance in the 21st Century. CAP takes that challenge seriously and strives to provide clients with compliance strategies based on best available technologies and practices.

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