Instrumentation and Services

In the field of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS), Cemtek Instruments, Inc. (CII) is a leading supplier of high precision, reliable and professionally engineered gas analyzers for a wide range of monitoring applications.


An integral part of the Cemtek Group, CII focuses on engineering, sales and services that offer solutions to environmental challenges.  They bring a unique blend of analytical expertise to every project and solve difficult applications that existing technology does not address.


The CII team offers a range of services including Emissions Monitoring & Testing, equipment installation,  Data Acquisition & Handling, CEM system support and more.


Cemtek Systems, Inc. (CSI) is the branch of the Cemtek Group whose focus is on the upkeep and longevity of your CEMS units.  CSI is a leading field service provider to the CEMS industry.  They specialize in Part-60 and Part-75 compliance and non-compliance applications and by utilizing their extensive network of field service engineers, Cemtek Systems delivers exceptional customer service to ensure reliable product performance and maximum uptime from your investment.


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Cemtek Systems, Inc.
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