The field of Air Permitting can be overwhelming and sorting through the plethora of information out there to find the answers you need in the time you need them can be a daunting task.  Knowing where to look for information is key. Below you will find a list of helpful links that you might want to add to your Favorites Tab.


NAAQS Table -
This link leads to the page on the EPA website that will explain the “Criteria” Air Pollutants.


NSR Basics -
Learn the basics of the NSR (New Source Review) by clicking the link above.


RBLC basic information -
This page offers basic information on how to use the RBLC website as well as useful terminology you may need to help you along your search.


WebFire -
WebFire is the EPA’s online database that contains emissions factors for HAP and criteria pollutants and industrial and non-industrial processes as well as the ability to search for reports submitted to the EPA using the Compliance and Emissions Data Reporting Interface (CEDRI).  You can also register for email notifications and more.


Department of Environmental Conservation (NY) -

If you have questions about Part 231 NSR or need to download the worksheets, you may find your answers here.


NJDEP-Air Compliance and Enforcement

These guys are really sharp and always willing to help out if you have compliance or process questions.


Northeast Clean Heat and Power Initiative (NECHPI)

They are one of the real authorities on CHP policies and practices in the area.


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