Electronic Compliance Reporting

Due to the Paperwork Reduction Act, most state, local, and federal agencies now request that all compliance reports be submitted via online submission portals.  The EPA has promulgated ‘E-Reporting’ rules in order to simplify and standardize electronic submissions of  compliance reports.


These proposed changes to existing regulations are fundamentally changing how reporting is being completed.


It is very important for facility environmental personnel to understand whether or not these electronic compliance reporting requirements apply to their company.  It is also important for those personnel to know how to use the various databases (i.e., Compliance and Emissions Data Reporting Interface (CEDRI) located on U.S. EPA’s Central Data Exchange (CDX) ) for submittal purposes.


We at CAP are committed to providing our clients with concise compliance solutions based on current state, local, and federal regulatory requirements.


This often includes submitting such compliance reports to the EPA and state agencies. Cemtek staff will prepare each relevant submission and upload it for review. In some cases facilities can authorize CAP to submit on their behalf, yet certain reports (such as Annual Emission Statements to the State) must be certified and submitted by the Responsible Official at the facility.


Our goal is to simplify the process for the client.  By allowing our experts to assess, organize, compile and complete your reports, you are taking a proactive approach to compliance.  Save yourself time, headache and money. Do it right the first time.

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