Ty Smith-President


Ty has over 27 years of industry experience and is CEO of the Cemtek group, which includes three divisions, over 85 employees, and numerous office locations.  Ty has an advanced knowledge of the intricacies of CEMS system configurations, capabilities, and limitations.  He has worked on projects around the country and throughout the world, including numerous submittals to the NJDEP, EPA, and various other state agencies.  He has extensive experience with emission reduction technologies including, but not limited to: SCRs, dry and wet scrubbers, and bag houses.  


Randy Thompson-VP


Randy has 28 years of CEMS industry experience including production, field service, training, consulting, engineering, CEMS regulations and new product development.  Randy brings a great deal of versatility through his experience as a Marine, and working for a number of various industries throughout his career.  This work has included a number of state and federal government projects.  Randy has worked in: steel, oil and gas, chemical, cement, research, and refineries.


Cameron Palmer – Environmental Regulations Specialist


Cameron has been with Cemtek for 6 years and is responsible for supporting multiple ESC datalogger DAS applications. He performs remote modem DAHS and CEMS checks ensuring data accuracy and reliability daily of ESC datalogger, Stackvision data acquisition systems. Prior to joining Cemtek, Cameron worked with ESC and Reliant Energy (RRI Energy performing CEMS project management, data validation and reporting for various coal and oil generating facilities for RRI Energy and working directly for ESC using ESC DAHS systems.


Renee Guck – Environmental Regulations Specialist


Renee has over 25 years of experience in the CEMS service, documentation and regulatory reporting departments. Starting in 1990 in the KVB documentation and field service department, she has learned the business from the customer’s perspective. Renee is effective in preparing O&M manuals, USEPA QA/QC plans and Part 75 Monitoring plans, certification test protocols and reports and local SCAQMD regulatory submittals. She has a thorough knowledge of sample conditioning systems, CEMS certification and a variety of data acquisition and handling systems. Renee worked for KVB until 2003 when GE closed the California office and then joined Honeywell PAI working in the Horiba Instruments offices where she provided assistance and training in documentation preparation and as an in-house consultant on regulatory issues for both companies. Renee joined CEMTEK in the fall of 2005 as a regulatory compliance specialist and technical writer. Renee has regulatory and reporting knowledge and Part 75 EDR preparation experience since the enactment of the CAA in 1990. She is now using her knowledge to support CEMTEK’s customers with meeting their regulations and reporting requirements.


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