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Cemtek comes from the rare position of offering both CEMS services and air permitting services to our clients. For Title V facilities, compliance reporting is often based on CEMS monitoring. Streamlining the process through the same experienced staff yields a stronger finished product, often in less time. Cemtek has been a leader in the CEMS industry for three decades. That expertise is a cornerstone for our permitting division.


Why Permitting Through CEMS Experts Makes Sense


-Good CEMS guys by nature have to be regulatory experts and have established relationships with State and Federal Agencies

-If you are a Title V and need CEMS work, getting both services from the same trusted source eliminates an administrative layer, holding costs down and reducing project delays. If you get both services, we can likely work with you a bit on overall project costs.

-If our guys have done work at your site in the past, we already have a level of familiarity with your processes. This is invaluable to properly permit.

-You can trust that we employ the same high standards in our permitting work that we have in our CEMS work around the world for nearly thirty years.

Some of the Services That We Offer

Title V reporting

o New applications, pre-construction permits, modifications, and renewals

o Preparation and submittal of compliance reports, Annual Emission Statements, and Greenhouse Gas Reports 

o New Source Review and PSD determinations

o Project Management: Emission Control Installations and sizing (SCR, FGR, CATs, Fabric Filter, RTOs)

o Project Restoration: Unforunately quality of work standards are not uniform in the consulting industry. Our staff can often come aboard a project mid-job and help get the project back on schedule and budget.

o CEMS documentation: Protocols, QAPs, and OMs

o Benefit/Cost Analysis

NOV assistance and possible fee mitigation

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

• EER Reporting

Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) application and marketing

• Recordkeeping programs tailored to the facility

• Community Right-to-Know (CRTK) reporting

• Regulatory Alerts

• We use email and various web platforms to let affected parties know of upcoming regulatory changes

• Local Filings- (eg...NYC DEP-APC 5-0)

Minor Source reporting, application, modification, and compliance


o Title V compliance

o Environmental Management Systems

o Site safety

o LOTO procedures

o OSHA workplace practices

o Universal Waste Management

Compliance Auditing


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