A CEMS Industry Leader for 30 years, now also offers Air Permitting Services


Traditionally, air permitting and CEMS services have come out of different firms even though both would often have to work together along the Title V compliance reporting process. Coordinating between firms can cause delays and result in higher financial costs for the project.


Inevitably in business when you cut out unnecessary layers from a project, you will save time and money. Our expertise in the industry and knowledge of applicable regulations, makes Cemtek Air Permitting (CAP) ready to provide your facility with tailored compliance solutions.


This is a project-based business. Our clients come to us because they know that we will properly scope, budget, and schedule their project. We strive to implement management systems that limit surprises for facility management and maximize compliance. In the end though, clients will only return to us if they can trust us; if they can know that by calling us, they will get their questions answered.


Cemtek was recently named a Preferred Vendor of the NYCEDC.

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Randy Thompson

Our company

Cemtek Air Permitting (CAP) was founded in 2016 through a collaboration of industry professionals.  We are experts in: Title V permit compliance, crafting recordkeeping databases, compliance reporting, emissions analysis, regulatory compliance, and maximizing environmental strategies.

Title V Permits

CAP offers help with understanding Title V Permits as well as assistance in their preparation.  We negotiate the terms of the permit, prepare the applications, develop policies & procedures to comply with the permit as well as assist with the monitoring & reporting of emissions.

Notice of Violation

Are you the recipient of an NOV?  CAP personnel is well-versed in local, state and federal regulations. Over the years we have also established relationships with most state agenices as well as the EPA. This could help your company.  If there is a way to reduce the penalty, or redirect some of it to a Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) to keep funds onsite, we will find it.

We at CAP understand the importance of remaining up to date on current regulations and strategies.  In our resource center you will find industry related links and information, an overview on air permitting and new regulation alerts.

We believe in continuous learning and strive to create ways to offer our employees and clients pertinent information.  Check back regularly as we continuously update these pages.

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